Emanuel Schwarz

Design & Development

Hi, I'm Emanuel. Nice to meet you!

I'm a designer and entrepreneur based in Berlin, Germany. Over the last couple of years I co-founded a Start-Up that went on to create two platforms: Knowable, a collaborative tool to work on hardware projects together and Polymer, a social network that makes it easier for hardware professionals to find each other. During this time I also started a conference on the topic of the Internet of Things together with some friends and began mentoring other companies as part of the Seedcamp network.

You'll find some of these and other projects below. Feel free to browse around, click on stuff and do other internety things. Even though I’m currently in the midst of my latest adventure, I’m always looking for freelance projects to take on. So if you want to talk some more, please get in touch.

Year of Games Ongoing

Games are becoming a focal point of modern culture, and increasingly allow designers, developers and writers to express themselves in ways that are not possible in any other medium. I want to be part of this exciting development and cultural shift: Developing my own games (or collaborating with others) and researching the implications of this trend. If you want to stay up-to-date with my findings, experiments and with the games I play make sure to subscribe to my monthly newsletter (100% Spam Free!).

ThingsCon Ongoing

ThingsCon is Europe's leading conference about the future of hardware, connected devices and Internet of Things (IoT) – and I happen to organize once a year with some friends. It's quite the event and you should totally come next time!

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Knowable & Polymer

Three years ago I set out to create a collaborative platform for the growing Maker movement together with my friend Simon. The idea was to bring the learnings from modern, collaborative and open-source software development to the realm of hardware. So we built Knowable, a „GitHub for hardware“ and Polymer, a social network that allowed hardware professionals to share their skills and find the right parters for their next job.

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